The Atlanta Biscayne Room is a non-profit corporation that provides meeting rooms for 12 Step recovery groups including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Co-Dependents Anonymous.

The Atlanta Biscayne Room was founded in June of 1968, after Maggie H. visited the Miami Biscayne Room in August 1967. Maggie H. and three others visited Miami Biscayne to gather the information necessary to model and create The Atlanta Biscayne Room, a place for alcoholics and addicts to find recovery. Our original location was 1224 Dresden Drive in Brookhaven, Georgia. In April 1981, the funds were raised and our current building at 3659 Clairmont Drive was purchased. The building enjoys two large and one small meeting rooms, a complete kitchen, bathrooms and a patio area.

The sole purpose of The Atlanta Biscayne Room is to provide an alcohol and drug-free environment, in which members and visitors can find a community of recovering people. This provides all that come strength and encouragement in a clean and sober way of life. A place of love and service to the sick and suffering that came before and those that will come after.

Our sole support comes from the contributions of its members, friends and groups that use the facilities.